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Tampering with Tachos

Magnets and Falsification
Drivers who use interference devices with the intention of 'extending' their available driving time must believe that VOSA is unable to identify their use. This is not the case. The combined prohibitions for various types of falsification now account for the 5th most common type of prohibition.
1 in 6 motorway deaths are caused by drivers who have fallen asleep. VOSA treat the identification of devices which can falsify records as a priority.
All VOSA examiners now have access to a Europe-wide site, which gives information on the latest devices, to assist in thier inspections. They are the first enforcement agency in Europe to have this access for all examiners, and coupled with increased access to ANPR data, this is a valuable tool to increase thier ability to identify new falsification devices as they are introduced.
If you are caught using a magnet or other such device to falsify your records you face a fine of up to £5,000 and could go to prison for up to two years. More seriously, you could be responsible for causing death and injury on our roads.