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New Style Driving Licences

EU3D For You
From 19 January 2013 theEuropean Union Third Directive on driving licences (EU3D) will come into force.
The aim is to introduce a single model across Europe and apply common regulations.
The new style licence will look different. All vehicle categories will be shown on the back of the licence with dates shown against those the holder is entitled to drive. However, if you have passed a test in a larger vehicle you may still be entitled to drive/ride smaller  vehicles of that type which have lines shown instead of dates e.g. holders of full category A would be  entitled to ride a category A2 vehicle.

Categories you have provisional entitlement to drive are shown on the paper counterpart document.

The expiry date of your licence will show on the front in section 4b and the expiry date of your  entitlement will show on the back of your licence. Current format photocard and paper licences will remain valid, with the newstyle being phased in with license renewals and updates.

Drivers over 45 will need a completed D4 medical examination report at each renewal of their five year vocational entitlement, and will need to supply a new photograph at every other licence renewal. Drivers aged under 45 will need to sign a self declaration of ‘fitness to drive’ at each vocational entitlement and  supply a new photograph at every licence renewal.

The minimum age for categories D and DE will increase from 21 to 24 years for non professional drivers.